Jamaica Rafting Plastic Bag Video Leaked on social media.

The Jamaica Observer was one of the few publications that shared the news of the occurrence. They revealed that a River Raft Limited captain engaged in s*xual activities with a female guest on the float. In the clip which has been titled ‘The Martha Brae Special,’ the woman was reportedly heard requesting for a plastic bag.

The incident took place in September 2022. However, videos of the same have resurfaced online in recent days. The boat reportedly travels from the Martha Brae and the Jamaica Swamp Safari Village in Trelawny.It remains unclear as to whether other guests remained on the float when the incident took place. The identity of the people involved remains unknown.

Information as to whether the pair faced criminal charges is also unavailable at the time of writing this article.Considering the range of reactions to the video that have made it online, it is safe to say that the clip in question has amassed multi-million views on Twitter alone. Many took to the social networking site to express their disappointment.

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Albeit indisputable proof affirms the presence of sexual substance inside the video, progressing examinations are proceeding to dig into this.For those on the journey to find the video, exploring the web can challenge. While various sites guarantee to help with finding the video, not every one of them can be viewed as solid sources. Dependable web-based assets are a unique case for this situation. The inquiry cycle is supposed to traverse a few days,