Ms Pacman’s viral video stirs online

The tragic story revolves around Alejandro Ico Chub, known from the “Ms Pacman Video Original.” She was killed by her husband, Mario Tut Ical, in Guatemala in October 2018. The incident was recorded and the video went viral, causing a stir online. Despite attempts to remove it from various platforms due to its graphic nature, it keeps resurfacing, fueling controversy.

Mario Tut Ical was arrested for Alejandro’s murder. He’s been on trial for six years, but his final verdict is still unknown. The case recently gained attention again when the video reappeared on social media. Many people are looking for the video, but it’s advised not to watch it because of its explicit content.

There’s been a lot of debate about the video. Some claim to have the original footage on Twitter, but engaging with these claims can be distressing. It’s better to avoid such content for mental well-being.

Platforms like Meta and YouTube are using AI to remove distressing content like the Ms Pacman video. Posting graphic videos is against social media policies and can lead to bans. The investigation into the incident and the video is ongoing, with a focus on respecting privacy and well-being.