diddy and cassie video.SSAULTING CASSIE IN 2016 …Brutal Surveillance Video

The video in question illustrates in the most graphic nature possible one of the beatings alleged and described in Ventura’s lawsuit, which Combs had vehemently denied.

Ventura’s lawsuit preceded federal authorities’ March raid of Combs’ properties in Los Angeles and Miami as part of a sex-trafficking investigation.The video – which had never before been seen publicly – shows Combs then kick Ventura twice and drag her before letting her go and walking away.

Ventura later stands up, gathers some of her items from the floor, and picks up a telephone on the wall next to the elevators. Combs soon returns – still clad in just a towel and socks – and shoves Ventura into a corner while they are in front of a mirror directly across from one of the security cameras that captured footage of the attack.