American woman Shanquella Robinson attacked in Mexico on video

Shanquella Robinson traveled to the resort town of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, with six university friends for a week-long stay in a luxury apartment on October 28. Within 24 hours of their arrival, the 25-year-old was dead.

Ms Robinson’s friends delivered her suitcases to her heartbroken parents Bernard and Salamondra in Charlotte, North Carolina, and claimed she had died of alcohol poisoning after a day of heavy drinking.

The friends’ story was discredited when an autopsy released on November 10 revealed Ms Robinson had suffered a “severe spinal cord injury” and broken neck 15 minutes before her death (the death certificate was obtained by The Independent.)Then, on November 15, horrifying footage emerged online of a naked Shanquella being brutally beaten in a resort hotel room.

In the roughly 20-second long clip, a female aggressor approaches Shanquella and knocks her to the ground, before delivering a flurry of brutal punches and kicks. A prone Shanquella slumps, defenseless, to the floor in response.

Although her attacker is fully clothed, she is inexplicably naked. A man seemingly filming the attack taunts Shanquella while doing nothing to intervene. “At least fight back, something,” he can be heard saying.