Will there be a Hazbin Hotel season 2?

I watched “Hazbin Hotel” and IT’S SO GOODI’m so impressed! The pilot was okay, and “Helluva boss” is not my cup of tea. But this? This was so much fun! Animation is good, designs are fun, the plot is interesting.I want to watch the season 2 so bad.

Since we’ve finally seen Lilith and it’s basically confirmed she’s in season 2, who you think shall be voicing her? Viv said in the past that her headcanon for Lilith was Lady Gaga, I’m hoping Idina Menzel? Unless she somehow gets Lady Gaga.

So, something I want to see happen in HazbinHotel Season 2?Demonic Adam in Hell.Seriously, the last words on his lips included the phrase “You all should be WORSHIPPING ME.”If one good act can lead to redemption, then one act of BLASPHEMY should lead to a fall from grace.