Why is the Fork video trending on Twitter

Recently, the term ‘Fork Video’ began trending on X, arousing people’s curiosity about the content that has triggered a volley of memes online. The reactions of some social media users who posted memes depicting a stunned, traumatized soldier warning people from viewing the clip suggested something sinister.

Netizens became more curious due to the uptick in NSFW videos recently. Their shocked reaction to the ‘Fork Video’ weaved a web of intrigue about the content that has invariably piqued people’s interest in the clip. The manufactured interest led to a spike in the search for the term, resulting it to trend on X.

However, the clip that has everyone taking to the social media platform was not NSFW-related content. The video posted by user Non-Aesthetic Things on January 6, 2023, proved to be a tedious clip of a guy drinking five liters of water with a fork without a break.we have been known to whip ourselves into a frenzied obsession about certain topics, such as shows, celebrities, clothes, and well-delivered dialogue. With the advent of the internet and Twitter, our collective obsession now exists on an unprecedented scale, causing it to become somewhat omnipresent and invariably trend online.

Recently, social media users became curious about the Fork Video, which involved a man simply drinking five liters of water with a fork in seven hours, seemingly without a break. The video posted by user Non-Aesthetic Things has captivated the audience, who took to Twitter to share their reactions.