Watch Skirby dog video Twitter

Have you seen the video of a dog named Skirby that’s blowing up on Twitter lately? This loveable golden retriever has over 300,000 Twitter followers already, but his latest post has launched him into viral fame.

The 22-second clip shows Skirby eagerly responding to his owner’s question “Watch Skirby dog video Twitter?” by jumping up, grabbing a cord, and pulling it persistently.

His hilarious reaction has earned the video over 50 million views and counting! People are eating up Skirby’s funny antics, and captions like “Skirby taking initiative.

He really said ‘I gotchu’” make the moment even more shareable. It’s no wonder this tweet has been liked over 700,000 times. Between all the laughing emojis and comments like “This made my day,” it’s clear this Skirby dog video is bringing a lot of joy to Twitter right now.

Intro to Skirby the Dog and His Viral Twitter VideoA video featuring a dog named Skirby responding to commands has recently gone viral on Twitter, garnering over 50 million views. The loveable golden retriever lives with his owner who films funny videos of Skirby doing various human-like activities.

The latest video shows Skirby hilariously reacting to his owner saying “Let me do it for you” in a synthesized voice. Within days, the video amassed millions of views, shares, and glowing comments as it resonated with dog lovers everywhere. Skirby has over 300,000 Twitter followers, but this video introduced him to a whole new audience.

The video follows Skirby’s owner asking the question “Let me do it for you?” to which Skirby cocks his head inquisitively. When his owner repeats the question, Skirby jumps up with his paws waving as if gesturing “Yes! Let me do it!” He then runs over to a cord and starts pulling it persistently. The caption reads: “Skirby taking initiative. He really said ‘I gotchu’.” Viewers find Skirby’s eager reaction delightful and highly amusing. The 22-second video demonstrates Skirby’s hilariously expressive personality.