video de marianita y brandon

The Colombian couple, Mariana and Brandon, are trending due to the le*k of a video on social networks. In the morning hours of this Monday, May 13, the names of Mariana and Brandon have been in the eye of the hurricane due to the le*k of an out-of-tune video, which was uploaded on Facebook.

However, it was on TikTok and on X, a network formerly known as Twitter, where this material began to spread to the point that thousands of followers began to comment on ‘ Marianita ‘. Due to this, the tiktoker originally from Colombia had to deactivate the comments on her profile in the Chinese app.

In the scene you see a photograph of Mariana and Brandon together, taken from their social media profiles. Later, the couple of TikTokers is seen having a closer encounter, with Brandon being the one who records, however, the identity of the person who le*ked the video is unknown, although Internet users suggest that it was Brandon himself.