Steven Crowder wife video – Steven Crowder ring video explained

Newly le@ked security camera footage shows Steven Crowder treating his then eight-month pregnant wife like a slave, ordering her around and verbally abus!ng her.

She was concerned about handling the dog’s medication because of fears it was toxic to pregnant women, so instead of doing himself he ordered her to put on some gloves and do it anyway.

There’s private video from Ring circulating online with Conservative Commentator Steven Crowder verbally threatening his wife. I’m not a fan of Crowder, but don’t feel right sharing a video from their home camera.

With that said, here’s a statement from his wife’s family:”Hilary is currently living alone in Dallas, apart from her family and support system in Michigan, and is focused on taking care of her young children. She is not prepared at this time to speak about her divorce becoming public or the misleading statements made by Steven about their relationship.

The truth is that Hilary spent years hiding Steven’s mentally and emotionally abusive behavior from herfriends and family while she attempted to save their marriage. She was the one who was asking to work on their relationship to keep the marriage intact for their unborn children.In June of 2021, Steven left their home to pursue elective surgery.

Hilary urged him to get the help he needed to address his abuse with the hope that their marriage could be saved and they could peacefully live together as a family. Instead, Steven refused to do so and chose not to be with his wife during the birth of their twin children. After the birth, Steven bought a townhouse and left their home permanently.