Solange Knowles’s son Julez Smith sex tape leak

Solange Knowles’ 19-year-old son, Julez Smith, is trending on Twitter after private videos of him engaged in sex acts were leaked online.

A video featuring this young man, who happens to be Solange Knowles’ son, has been widely circulated, leading to a flurry of questions and shocked reactions.

The video also features Skai Jackson, a well-established figure in the entertainment industry who has carved a notable reputation among her fans. The dynamic between these two individuals in the video has instigated extensive discourse across diverse online forums.

However, neither Smith’s nor Jackson’s identity has been confirmed at this time. Neither party has addressed the video at the time of writing. Furthermore, with deep fake technology becoming more and more sophisticated, it cannot be objectively stated at this time that the video does feature Smith and Jackson. This remains a developing story and we’ll have any updates as and when they emerge.

Daniel Julez Smith Jr is the son of Solange Knowles and the nephew of Beyoncé. Born in 2004, Julez was raised across America as Solange and her then-husband, Daniel Smith Sr, moved from state to state. However, Julez is less interested in the family business of music and more interested in basketball. Basketball. That’s my life like that’s all I do, basketball and school, he told a Texas radio station in 2019.