senate staffer gay video

The employee had s*x with an unknown man within the confines of the politically significant building.

A video obtained by the outlet shows the staffer allegedly engaging in s*x acts within what appears to be a conference room in the Hart Senate Office Building.

The staffer is seen in a separate picture naked and on all fours on a table where Senators often sit and ask questions during hearings.

Footage of the expl!cit scene initially shows the staffer allegedly having s*x with an unknown man.It then pans to show off the interior of the clearly identifiable Senate hearing room.A photo shows the man on his hands and knees facing the camera while only wearing a jock strap.

The content was allegedly shared in a pr!vate group for gay men in the political scene. A public account on X regularly shows the young man, who identifies as a ‘twink’, engaging in s*x acts with his older ‘bear’ partner.

The images and videos are expl!cit in nature and contain his face, according to The Spectator. Congressman Mike Collins reacted to the video on social media and hit out at the actions of the alleged staffer.