Rock Paper Scissors Yellow Dress Girl Twitter

The Rock Paper Scissors video refers to a viral video posted on Twitter / X on June 4th, 2024, showing two OnlyFans models, a man and a girl, competing in a Rock, Paper, Scissors match to have sex with a woman sporting a yellow dress, the adult content creator Dank Dahl, which is standing half-naked in-between them.

When the girl loses the round, the man is shown taking off his pants and “doing the deed” while the other person runs to an objective and back — just like the original challenge but with a twist.

Who Is The ‘Yellow Dress Lady’ In The Rock Paper Scissors Video?In less than a week, the Rock Paper Scissors video gained virality on X and other social media platforms, leaving many users wondering who’s the yellow dress lady in the shocking video. As mentioned previously, the yellow dress woman in the scene is OnlyFans creator Dank Dahl.