Police launch probe into alleged abduction of teen Alex Batty who went missing 6 years ago

NEW: Kidnapped teenager Alex Batty who was missing for six years gives his first interview with TheSun after he successfully escaped his kidnapper.

Batty, 17, who went missing when he was 11, was found on December 11th by a driver in France after he walked 22 miles.In 2017, Batty was allegedly kidnapped by his mother after she took him from his legal guardian, his grandmother.

Batty had been living a ‘hippy’ lifestyle with his mom who he described as a “good person” but not a good mom.His mom left him for months at a time and refused to let him leave.After getting tired of the lifestyle, Batty escaped on December 11th at midnight after his mother fell asleep.

He took a few changes of clothes, a knife, 100 euros and a skateboard. After 22 miles of walking he was found a driver.He left his mom a note that read: “Hey mum, I want you to know I love you very much.

I am very thankful for the life that you provided for me over the past few years. Don’t worry about yourselves – I’m sure you won’t get found. Don’t worry about me either. You know I can take care of myself.””I love you very much. Don’t be too mad with me. Love Alex.”Batty has since been reunited with his grandmother. He hopes to become a software engineer.