pennsylvania man youtube, video viral

Context: Man charged with killing father after showing off his ‘decapitated head’ in YouTube video. Justin Mohn, 32, from Pennsylvania has been charged with first-degree murder and abusing a corpse and is expected to be at a court hearing on the 8th February.

Justin Mohn pronounced himself as acting president under martial law, also claimed “other people thought he was the messiah” and made claims of having $10,000,000 to exhaust in funds (There’s no proof of these funds). Claims this had nothing to do with racism, claiming that “this is a spiritual war and that the current government was encouraging a race war”.

Was convinced that the U.S.A was looking to send its troops to Russia to die in a cold winter. Spoke of the rest of America being “turned into Portland or San Francisco”. Wanted the “seizure of LGBTQ and other far left views in schools and other public places”. Spoke of previously working as a contractor for Microsoft and saying he “seen high tax evasion” and complained of other tech companies doing the same.

He said this effected “citizens and military of America and he whistle blew to the IRS and they and they looked the other way”. (There’s currently no proof of him ever having worked as a contractor for Microsoft). Images have shown him using discord in an attempt to recruit people in pro-gun groups while never actually taken seriously and more often being kicked out of servers