New Blade Game Announced from Deathloop Developers | Game Awards 2023

Blade was created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan with his first appearance taking place in July 1973’s The Tomb of Dracula #10. Gradually advancing from supporting character to main protagonist of his own storylines, he eventually got his own comic books and movies.

Blade’s parents were a vampire and a regular human, giving him some special abilities perfectly suited to hunt down bloodsuckers, though he doesn’t like to use his vampiric abilities much out of fear of seeming less human. He’s also been trained in several martial arts, which paired with his enhanced physiology makes him a fearsome combattant.

Various stakes, blades, and firearms are part of his arsenal of hunting tools as well.In October 2021, Romuald Capron, the head of Arkane Lyon for 17 years, stepped down and was replaced by Dinga Bakaba. Since this happened shortly after the release of Deathloop, it looks like most of the work on the upcoming title was done under the new leadership without anything to disrupt it from the outside.