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Metro users in Mexico City are demanding an explanation from the corresponding authorities for allowing porn actress Luna Bella to record an explicit video in the cars.Through social networks, users of the aforementioned means of transportation expressed their anger at the images and videos circulating of the woman with explicit sexual content.

Luna Bella recorded scenes for a porn film on the platforms of the CDMX Metro accompanied by two men, one of them dressed as a police officer.Families with children travel in the Mexico City Metro every day, and they have to observe this type of situation, consequences of the lack of security of the Secretariat of Citizen Security, users expressed.

After the images went viral, people expressed their indignation through the CDMX Metro account on the social network”Aren’t you going to explain anything about it? We are still waiting for your statement.””

And what will they do with the video that LUNA BELLA made? I think it is a more important issue at this moment, in addition to the usurpation of functions by a subject who appears in the video broadcast in their facilities.”