kim and kroy biermann fight video

According to the incident report from the Milton Police Department and event report from the Alpharetta Police Department obtained by ET, one of the estranged couple’s children called police on Nov. 20 in regards to a “verbal domestic disturbance” at their mansion in Alpharetta, Georgia.

The report states police arrived just after 7 p.m. after the juvenile who called 911 had “advised his dad was hitting his mom.

The responding officer asked Kroy what led to the argument. He responded by saying it doesn’t matter “because nothing will happen just like last time.” When the cop tried to engage with him again Kroy became “verbally combative.

“The report states Kroy shouted at the officer and said he did not have permission to enter the home and told him to leave.”I attempt to explain to Kroy we have a lawful reason to be within the home as we were conducting an investigation due to a crime being alleged,” the report stated. “Kroy continues to be verbally combative as I walk past him and into the kitchen of the home to speak with several juveniles.

“The report states one of the juveniles told the officer “his parents were arguing and yelling at each other.” The juvenile also stated that “it looked like Kroy may have hit [Kim.]” When asked to elaborate, the juvenile stated Kroy “put his hand into her face … with his finger’s extended.” When asked if Kroy ever made a fist or struck, the juvenile stated “it was more in the way of telling her to stop talking or get away from him.” When asked if it was in an aggressive manor or harmful, and the juvenile said no.

The report states Kim told officers she and Kroy had been fighting all day about “random things.” She also stated she was upset with Kroy “because he took her jewelry and may have sold it.” According to the incident report, Kim stated to police that the argument never turned physical and it was only a verbal dispute.There’s also bodycam footage from the incident and obtained by ET. The bodycam footage shows Kroy shouting at police before calling Kim a narcissist. He also accused her of making up drama.

When asked by the cop what the argument was about, Kroy is seen on video saying, “Our life! And it’s f***ing destroyed!”When asked again why it’s getting so heated, Kroy shouts, “‘Cause our life is destroyed! What don’t you understand? There’s no money! There’s no house! We’re getting divorced one day and we’re not the next. She’s f***ing other men! What do you want?! Calm down when I don’t have a f***ing life?!”Kroy calls Kim a total narcissist, and accuses her of manufacturing their drama. He’s enraged, continuing to yell the couple’s life is over … and even accusing Kim of “f***ing other men.” Eventually, officers calm Kroy down and get him inside to further talk things out.The police eventually were able to cool things down between Kim and Kroy, who ultimately left the residence with some of his belongings. ET reached out to Kim, who had no comment at this time. ET also reached out to Kroy and the estranged couple’s lawyers for comment.