jonah hernandez video explained

On Friday, the Las Cruces Police Department released body camera and surveillance videos that showed the v!olent and de@dly att@ck on 35-year-old Officer Jonah Hernandez. The videos showed Officer Hernandez being st@bbed multiple times by 29-year-old Armando Silva.

A witness, identified by police as Issiah Astorga, 29, saw the att@ck take place and sh*t and k!lled Silva, police said. Astorga’s gunf!re can be heard in the videos. The body camera video showed Astorga attempting to provide aid to Officer Hernandez after sh*oting and k!lling Silva. The video also showed another bystander coming to help and using Hernandez’s dispatch radio to call for aid.

The att@ck occurred while Hernandez was responding to a trespassing call on Feb. 11 on the 300 block of South Valley Drive. Both surveillance and body camera videos showed Officer Hernandez approaching Silva and asking him questions about the call regarding trespassing. Seemingly unprompted, Silva can be seen in the videos lunging at Officer Hernandez and st@bbing him multiple times while the officer is on the ground.