jalen green video twitter Jalen Green’s Twitter video with Josh Christopher resurfaces

Jalen Green’s alleged NSFW Twitter video with Josh Christopher resurfacesJalen Green of the Houston Rockets made headlines in the offseason when an NSFW video of him and then-teammate Josh Christopher went viral online.

It was one of the wildest videos of the NBA summer and got many fans talking.The topic of Green and Christopher recently resurfaced due to allegations leveled at Josh Giddey.

Several accounts on X, formerly known as Twitter, blasted the 2021 NBA draft class for the issues some of its members are allegedly facing or have been a part of in the last two years.While the video above does not prove that it’s Green and Christopher, an extended version was later uploaded on YouTube.

The longer version clearly showed that it was Green and his teammate who were featured. However, it’s unclear when the video was taken, as the room looked like a dorm for students.Here’s the extended version of the viral video: