dulce alondra locomotora video on X

The woman who lost her life last Tuesday after being hit by the “La Emperatriz” locomotive has already been identified. The incident that occurred in the municipality of Nopala de Villagrán, Hidalgo, was caused by a blow to the head while trying to take a selfie.

Recognized on social networks as Dulce Alondra García Hernández, she was originally from Huichapan, was 28 years old and was the mother of a child. The incident occurred while approaching the train tracks in order to capture a photograph just as the Canadian Pacific convoy passed by.

Unfortunately, the train hit her with a strong blow, causing head trauma and her death was instantaneous. In the video released about the tragedy, you can see her holding her son’s hand, but she is unable to measure the distance between the locomotive and her.

At the time when the minor managed to bend down when he saw the locomotive approaching and thus safeguard his life