Dr Tyler bigenho twitter video Dr Tyler Bigenho Chiropractor Scandal Twitter Video

The video that catalyzed Dr. Tyler Bigenho’s fall from grace shows him manipulating a woman’s neck before suddenly twisting it sharply to the side. The abrupt movement is accompanied by an extremely loud cracking sound that disturbed many viewers. As the clip circulated on Twitter, fervent debate ensued around whether this technique is safe and ethical.

While Dr. Bigenho has fans who defend and trust his methods, the initial reaction online was overwhelmingly critical. Critics called the neck adjustment reckless and asserted that it could easily trigger dire injuries. Some pointed to research linking chiropractic neck manipulation to vertebral artery dissections and stroke. The video amassed millions of views as the controversy went viral, and Dr. Bigenho faced both scrutiny from experts and skepticism from everyday viewers.

In response, Dr. Bigenho staunchly defended the safety of neck adjustments when properly performed. He claimed that chiropractors can easily screen for any underlying conditions that could complicate an adjustment. However, many remained unconvinced due to the intense force applied and disturbing sound captured on film.

Though his supporters stood by him, the court of public opinion seemed stacked against the famous chiropractor as the video continued circulating amidst fierce debate. Regardless of one’s stance on the issue, the clip and subsequent backlash undoubtedly thrust Dr. Bigenho into the negative limelight.

Dr. Tyler Bigenho, known to his 700k+ social media followers as the “King of Cracking,” has built his chiropractic brand on posting dramatic spine adjustment videos. But his latest viral video kicked up a firestorm for questionable reasons beyond entertainment value. The intense debate centered on three key factors: chiropractic safety concerns, the video’s unsettling nature, and Dr. Bigenho’s influence as an internet personality.

Skeptics argued that the neck manipulation Dr. Bigenho performed could easily trigger dire injuries like strokes or aneurysms. Some pointed to research on the risks of cervical spine adjustment potentially tearing vertebral arteries. Supporters within the chiropractic community insist complications are rare and claim the benefits outweigh minimal risks. Still, unease around the technique’s safety pervaded discussion online.

Beyond medical concerns, the video itself startled viewers with its loud crack and seemingly painful contortion of the woman’s neck. Though she appeared unbothered, the jarring noise and abrupt movement set off alarm bells for many. Some deemed it unethical due to the distressing visuals and sounds, regardless of the actual risk or outcome.

Finally, as an influencer with immense reach, Dr. Bigenho’s actions carry weight. His nonchalant response after eliciting gasps from millions fueled accusations of recklessness and insensitivity. Whether defending his practice or apologizing for any distress caused, his words would have resounded widely thanks to his celebrity status in certain circles.

In summary, while chiropractic debates are not new, this incident became a viral moment because of factors like Dr. Bigenho’s casual disregard for certain optics, the innate controversy around neck adjustments, and his sway as a popular internet figure. The scandal brought niche concerns around spinal manipulation to the masses.