brooklyn subway subway shooting video

The man suspected of shooting an aggressive subway rider with his own gun will not face charges as Brooklyn prosecutors have ruled he acted in self-defense. Younece Obuad, 32, was arrested Thursday night after a terrifying encounter with Dajuan Robinson, 36, when the two men erupted into a wild brawl on a rush-hour subway that ultimately led to the shooting. 

 ‘Yesterday’s shooting inside a crowded subway car was shocking and deeply upsetting,’ the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office said Friday. ‘The investigation into this tragic incident is ongoing but, at this stage, evidence of self-defense precludes us from filing any criminal charges against the shooter.

Robinson was shot in the head after Obuad wrestled his gun from him during the fight.The man who was shot in the Brooklyn subway is in “critical but stable condition” after getting shot by his own gun.

Recent video footage reveals the aftermath of the shooting, with authorities continuing their search for a woman believed to be involved.Allegedly, the woman slashed the individual involved before fleeing the scene. MTA Chairman Janno Lieber suggests that the individual who drew the gun may have been the aggressor.